Jim Heart is the creator of  Red Pill University. This is a podcast platform offering training courses that focus on what they 5% do that the 95% do not.  Why do the 5% seem to make plenty of money, have happy marriages and stable families? That is what this podcast is all about.

My Mentor Bill.

This podcast is influenced entirely by my fateful encounter with Bill... ( who the hell is bill? )

My life was changed in an instant..well, that sound pretty dramatic so let me say more like 3 hours...

When I accidentally negotiated a lunch meeting with one of the wealthiest men in Beverly Hills...

This podcast is parts of my stories and life lessons due to Bill's infinite knowledge of how life and the world really work.​..



Hi, I'm Jim Heart.

I have always loved these "about me " pages on websites. They are written in the third person ...even though they are usually written by the owner most of the time.

So after making several attempts to make myself seem smarter than I ​really am by writing about myself in the third person, I quickly abandoned that idea and decided to write this like I would write an email to a new friend I recently met at , let's say a party.

And, in may ways....it is just that.

​So, what do you want to know?  .....I assume something,  or you wouldn't have clicked the

about me page and would have just listened to the podcasts.   

I am 47 years old and live ( most of the time ) in Salt Lake City.

I have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a hunger to wake people from the death sleep we call modern philosophy.

I really don't think that's the crap you was looking for.

I think the real reason you are on this page is that you are wondering " is this guy worth my time and effort?"

And for many of you the answer is NO.

Here is why:

I can not fix your problems for you.

You alone are the master of your destiny, your mind and your time. Nobody is coming to save you including me. 

I can show you the way out, but you alone must travel the road and face the problems that a neglectful life has brought to you.

Everything I teach takes time, energy and money to fix. It is not easy to make a 180 degree turn midstream and not cause massive resistance.  It took 35-40 years to get to where you are now and only a retard would think they can do this in a few weeks or months. 

You can make a mind change in an instant, but that isn't shit without then implementing those new ideas and goals.

So if you are not commited to spending 10 times as much time and effort than you are now into changing your life, then I am not the dude to help you.

If you are easily offended then you will not like my stuff.

You have heard " the truth hurts"? Well if that is true then I am going to hurt your feelings about every 10-15 minutes according to most people.

I am not here to sugar coat or soften the truth. Most people are offended by me...roughly 95% of em.

Starting to see a pattern here?  Most people do not like the truth or to have their feelings hurt​, and that is why 95% of them will never amount to anything more than the " average " statistic.

People want to get rich quick with no effort, want to lose weight without sweating, mend relationships without working at it ,  I could go on but you get what I am saying.

This is why "most" (95%) of  people are broke, overweight, divorced and have kids so confused about life that they are fucked before they even get out of the gate. 

So If you want a nice guy promising puppy dogs and unicorns......leave now because my entire vocabulary is a trigger warning and I suspect that I will never be invited to speak at ANY collage ....ever.  Oh, and did I mention I talk like a drunken sailor on shore leave? ​

I am  a HARDCORE right wing constitutionalist  

I love guns

The military

The constitution


Killing animals and eating them

Marriage is for one man and one woman

If you were born with a penis your a dude

If you were born with a vagina you are a female.

There are 2 genders,  not 36   ( that is insanity ).

A man's needs should come third,  his wife's second,  and his kid's first.​

That the universe will never align for you if you are not always planning and striving for the future of your family tree.

These,  among other things​, are part of my creed, my moral code. And every man needs one. If we get to know one another you will learn the rest of them.

You're still here? Good.

Here is what you can expect from me.

​I am a "red pill" , you would hope so, I did call my shit red pill university.

What is a red pill?  It is a metaphor  for the awakening of the mind against this social experiment we call modern philosophy.

It is a very strong mistrust of the government and the agenda they are forcing on the masses. I try to show you the other side of it.

The other side being what we " the 5%" do in our lives.

We don't pay attention to what the media tells us, we use specific knowledge and a completely different operating system to view and navigate the world.

Kind of like if the average american is running windows then we are running on mac.

We don't think the same, we don't act the same , we are NOT the same.

This is not some special bloodline or secret society here, it is just that we have been taught the difference and therefore it is teachable.

The problem is that most people are unwilling to learn.

That is why the world looks like it does.

We are not holding down the common man, the common man is holding himself down.

 I want to show you what those diiferences are and how to fix them. 

Here is my first of many blatant sales pitches :

Yep, can you believe that? I am telling you that I will be trying to earn your trust, provide value to your life and then trying to sell you courses to take you to the next level.

I am as transparent as a sheet of glass. Not my personal life, but everything else. I like a little privacy,  geez.

So here it is, go subscribe to my podcast and get to know me and if you like what I am saying and like what I am providing, the you will probably like my courses. 

Pretty simple right?

Thanks for reading this page, now go start changing your life​!

Your friend,

Jim Heart​